During the Inn’s 64 years, we have collected 29 Toby Jugs and safely secured them in our curio cabinet at our main bar. Our collection includes Robin Hood, Town Cryer, Dick Turpin, Captain Hook, Ard of Earing, Mine Host, and St. George; just to name a few.

Christmas Gift

Just in time for the holiday celebrations, we were gifted four additional jugs from the CEO and Managing Director of Worthy Park Estate LTD, Mr. Gordon Clarke. For more than 50 years, his father had been a passionate Toby Jug collector.  Mr. Clake was certain that Jamaica Inn would be the ideal location for four of his treasured family heirlooms after his dad passed away in August 2021. He was confident they would be safely stored and well-kept at the Inn, where family traditions reign.

Jug of Friendship

Mr. Gordon Clarke and our Managing Director Kyle Mais met in high school with a friendship spanning over 35 years.  After learning Kyle Mais is now the managing Director at the Inn, he and his family became frequent guests, averaging at least three stays per year.  On one such stay, Mr. Clarke shared with Mr. Mais the love his dad had for Toby Jugs and how much of an avid collector he was for over 50 years. He even shared his knowledge with him on some of the most famed characters.

And so, with pride and humility Mr. Mais accepted these magnificent jugs while Mr. Murray, who has worked at the Inn for 45 years, shared in the momentous occasion.  Our bar walls now to tell a story of a lasting friendship between two very dedicated men to Jamaica Inn and by extension Jamaica.

Thank you, Mr. Gordon Clarke!

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