Greetings from a blissfully sunny Jamaica Inn! We’re inviting you to join us as we welcome 2023 in true Jamaica Inn style with our annual New Year’s Eve party. Get your breezy linens and vibrant florals ready for this year’s Tropical Bangarang theme, inspired by 2023 being our 65th anniversary as the home of authentic Jamaican luxury. What better way to celebrate such a milestone than to spotlight the secret to Jamaica Inn’s timeless elegance?


Come savour the rich tastes of decades-old Jamaican delicacies, while swaying to the sweet sounds of calypso–the grandparent of reggae music. The dress code is island-chic—vivid colours, flowy garments, creative straw hats, and elaborate head-ties. After all, it is our loyalty to the sights and sounds of 1950’s Jamaica that makes us a beacon of sun-soaked glamour.


We look forward to seeing you and celebrating in true island style beneath the stars, this New Year’s Eve.

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