The Ultimate JI Packing List

January 5, 2018

Hello friends of the Inn!
Wondering what to pack on your next vacation stay at the Inn? To ease your packing woes, we have drafted a few must haves when traveling to the Caribbean! Including everything from appropriate dinner attire to sunscreen, this list of things to bring will ensure an even more relaxing vacation.
So pull out your suitcase and pack along with us.

1. Travel Documents

First up on our list is the most important item on any traveler’s list. Ensure to carry along your passport, plane tickets, boarding passes, driver license, credit cards and other essential identification. Ensure all documents are in a travel holder or water proof kit. While traveling, persons find it more convenient to place these items in an easy access area in their purse or bag.

2. Light Weight Clothing

Cotton and linen are preferred fabrics to wear in the Caribbean as they are lightweight, breathable, and don’t hold moisture. An added bonus is that these fabrics are easy to fold up small and take less space in your luggage. Make sure to carry a hat or cap for additional coverage when spending extended period of time in the sun.

3. Unique identifier for your bag

Having a unique tag or key chain to distinguish you luggage from the rest makes identifying your price from multiple others during baggage claim. The quicker you’re able to identify your bags the quicker you’ll be able to continue on through out the airport to leave.

4. Toiletries

Ensure to bring moisturizer, sunscreen (SPF 30 and over recommended), makeup etc.

5. Electronics

The very best part of a Caribbean vacation are the memories captured during your stay. Ensure to bring along your camera or smart phone.


*Carry a small backpack or cloth bag along to throw your stuff in when you head to the beach or off on an excursion. Drawstring or beach bags are a particularly favorable option.
*Leave behind items provided at the hotel: includes soap, shampoo, and hair dryers, towels and wash cloths
*Pack light – The less you pack the less you have to carry
Remember to stop by our Beehive gift shop for any items needed during your stay. Nordia or Brittany will be happy to assist you!

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