An update on Shadow

October 13, 2014

Shadow just before we welcomed her to her new home. She was a mere two months old when Kyle first visited her.
Beauty shot
Shadow, posing on the Jamaica Inn garden and quite settled and happy! End of August 2014
Shadow August 2014
We wanted to update you on how Shadow is doing and how she is settling into her new home. Shadow recently celebrated her 6-month birthday on October 5 and is growing in leaps and bounds!
She is a very active and affectionate dog who loves the daily interaction with guests and all the team members at the Inn.
Shadow loves the water, and playing on the beach!

In the last month, we have had a special dog trainer come in and teach Shadow some basic manners, as well as to provide some more structure during the day. All puppies need training! The trainer has also been working with the staff who help with Shadow from day to day, the proper ways to walk her, talk to her and manage her so she does not get too rambunctious as she continues to grow. We can tell that she is a very fast learner when comparing her displays of affection now versus when she was first with us!
Shadow Who Wants to Play
Shadow also loves to swim in the water and play on the beach, as many guests have seen firsthand. One day recently Shadow found herself on a paddleboard! On another adventure she swam after some guests she had bonded with, behind their paddleboard!

Shadow likes to pretend she is a Front Desk Agent and likes to greet guests when they check in from time to time. Don’t miss her in the lobby!
Shadow & Shenae
We want to take a moment to thank you all for your messages and toys that you have been sending for Shadow. If you have any pictures of your time with Shadow, feel free to email them to and we will be sure to share them along with others.


  1. mchelle heyward

    he looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
    u did so good on this website

  2. Reply

    Hello to all our friends at Jamaica Inn. We miss you all but will be back in February to visit for our usual week in Blue Cottage. Shadow is beautiful and seems to be giving you all a run for your money. Is she Shadow V? Best love to all, Carolann Clynes and Bob Bourne

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