Video Overview of Jamaica Inn

March 3, 2015

Experience a virtual tour of our intimate beachfront property. Blue skies, spacious accommodations, a pristine beach and staff who welcome you like family.
It’s time to unwind at Jamaica Inn.


  1. Jamaica Inn

    Hello Jeannie,
    We would love to welcome you home Jeannie. Just say the word and we’ll be happy to arrange. We’re sorry to hear about your family illnesses. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

  2. jeannie johnson

    my late husband and I visited this wonderful gem in 1978. I have always dreamed of one more visit, but family illnesses have kept me very busy.

  3. Bruce & Gwynne Chadwick

    We enjoyed the video & have booked our first stay in October. We look forward to relaxing & thing in the beauty.

  4. Bruce & Gwynne Chadwick

    We enjoyed the video & have booked our first stay in October. Can’t wait to relax &-

  5. Reply

    I am so so excited to be coming back!

  6. Hannah and Tyler Head

    This video makes us so happy! Just last week, we scheduled our next trip to stay at the Jamaica Inn. It will be our fourth visit at this special resort…and counting! It is simply the best!

  7. Judi Markarian

    Absolutely captures the beauty if Jamaica Inn. A lovely and peaceful get away anytime. Looking forward to my next return soon. My best to the entire staff. Judi

  8. Cylinda Mallory - Leavers

    You have made my day ! Can’t wait to be there !!

  9. Anna Mann

    Old Jamaica at its best.

  10. Pete and Lucy Scott

    Looks fantastic! What a wonderful reminder of a glorious stay at Jamaica Inn- such a heavenly place. Cant wait to return!

  11. Roger & Sheila Meyer

    We had our wedding and honeymoon at Jamaica Inn. What a wonderful experience. Beautiful beach and great snorkeling; adventurous sea kayaking and relaxing sailing; croquet on the lawn; planter’s punch each afternoon; lovely room over the water with our own private “fish bowl”; friendly, attentive yet unobtrusive service; fabulous food; dancing under the stars each evening. All this added up to an unforgettable experience. We will be back!

  12. Deirdre More

    Thanks for this. Reminded me of a glorious holiday I spent in Jamaica Inn a number of years ago. Would love to return.

  13. Catherine Leech

    What a wonderful taste of one of my favourite places on earth.

  14. Steve & Diane Hedberg

    The video brought back so many wonderful memories! The representation is perfect – except for dining under the stars was missing! We will be back, Jamaica Inn!
    Diane & Steve Hedberg
    Minneapolis, MN


    beautiful and inviting . This is on my BUCKET LIST

  16. Alana Nesbitt

    Jamaica Inn has the most beautiful beach! Loved our honeymoon getaway a few years back, and eager to return! This video brought back all the lovely memories!

  17. Bob and Phyllis

    Best Island we ever visited. Jamaica Inn is the greatest place to be. Food, service, atmosphere, music,and people were perfect. We’ll be back!

  18. Dr. Linda Kennedy

    Thank you for helping make this day extra special! Bless you for the memories.

  19. Karl and Sharon Davidson

    Thanks for the reminder! We’ll be back soon!

  20. Shelly

    So beautiful. So many wonderful memories!!!
    Shadow on the paddle board makes me smile.

  21. Bill Hinson

    A great video. Wish I were there right now for a snorkel trip and Planters Punch. Can’t wait until my next visit. Tell all of the guys hello!
    Best Regards,

  22. ross

    Just watched the video and the wife has confirmed we’ll be back for our 25th

  23. Kim Page

    Paradise. Great staff, food and atmosphere. Hope to return.

  24. Reply

    Our countdown is currently at 50 days. Come on April 29th!

  25. Anne and Julian Havil-Jameson

    Many happy memories of just a few weeks ago and of previous visits.
    There is no where quite like it – bliss.

  26. Elizabeth Lukes

    The best thing about this video is that it really does look like that!
    Thank you for sending and see you soon!

  27. Reply

    Heavenly!! Can’t wait to get back. Just decided once a year is not enough. Loved seeing Georgie, Teddy, Rupie and if Shadow can paddle board, I should (no, my husband should!!) be able to learn too. Thank you for this. Brightens up a very foggy day. Wishing you all good things!! sharon and john

  28. Reply

    The Video is Amazing I wish I could be there rightnow….

  29. Dawn FRITZELL

    Boy, dont i wish.

  30. Cathy Giuliani

    Love it!! We can’t wait. You made my day.

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