Visiting the other Jamaica Inn

January 28, 2014

ji-cornwall-logoWe are sure you’re familiar with the other Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, UK. This 400-year old inn and historic smuggling museum was made famous by well-known author Daphne Du Maurier who after visiting the inn in 1930, was inspired to write her most famous novel, Jamaica Inn. The novel was even dramatized by Alfred Hitchcock.
If you are in the UK or are planning to visit, we do suggest visiting the other Jamaica Inn. In fact, that’s exactly what General Manager Kyle Mais is is doing now, as he is vacationing in the UK to see his family.


Kyle even had a go at bartending, sporting our Jamaica Inn hat!


Previous manager of Jamaica Inn Cornwall Alistair Maclean would also frequently visit our beach hotel.
If you have £2 million available, perhaps you would like to be the new owner of Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. Jamaica Inn is for sale. It is certainly a different experience than our beach hotel, but the charm is sure there.

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