What's new at the White Suite

July 6, 2019

Among the many famous people who frequented The Jamaica Inn in the 1950’s was Sir Winston Churchill. He favoured Room 21 – The White Suite. While here, his love of art and photography in lifestyle and travel was explored. The many books present includes a range of literature that he would have found fascinating – travel, art, politics, gardening, fashion and so on. Our wish is that you find something of interest in common with him.

The furnishings and art pieces create an ambiance that is reminiscent of that era, when the jetsetters of Hollywood and European Nobility made this property their favourite playground. This writing desk for example, was often used by Sir Winston on his visits. In fact, Churchill, a proficient artist, painted scenes of the Inn from this very patio; one of which is now owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

Look out for Jock, Rufus and Pig – The stuffed animals that can be found on the bookshelves, which are used to emulate Churchill’s use of his children’s toys as bookmarks in his library at Chartwell. The animals reflect the signature pictures Sir Winston & his beloved wife Clementine used when signing love letters to each other; Sir Winston was a dog – (or often a pig) and Clementine, a cat.

Today, a plaque sits at the entrance of the suite to commemorate his visits.

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