Yoga and Wellness Retreat Highlight – Jonny Sayle & Abbie Daven

July 19, 2016

Hello friends of the Inn!
With the Wellness and Yoga Retreat just a few weeks away, we wanted to give you some insight on Jonny Sayle (Fitness Instructor) and  Abbie Daven (Yoga instructor), two of the fantastic instructors slated to be a part of 2016 Wellness and Yoga Retreat on September 13 -17, 2016.

Jonny Sayle - Fitness Instructor (headshot)
Jonny Sayle – Personal fitness instructor

How long have you been a personal trainer?
I’ve been a qualified Master trainer since 2010 but the journey began when I studied Sports science and coaching studies at University in 2004. I think my family would say I’ve been one since I was a boy based on how much sport and exercise I’ve always played.
What type of training do you specialise in?
I absolutely love TRX, boxing and functional body weight training. Not only does this type of training give the most comprehensive full body workout but it’s also seriously fun. All ages and abilities can take part in this type of exercise, we just work with what you’ve got!! I also specialize in corrective exercise, helping people recover from injuries, and pre & post natal exercise.
What are the main benefits of personal training and how has it benefited your quality of life?
Personal training has its obvious benefits, improving strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, posture, boosts immune system etc. but for me it simply keeps me sane. Life can be challenging and Personal training helps me and my clients to de-stress, unwind, socialize with friends and of course challenge myself!
What do you love about Jamaica and Jamaica Inn, and why do you think it is the perfect location for a Wellness Retreat?
I love the energy and positivity in Jamaica and especially at Jamaica Inn. The food, people, culture, and landscape are simply breath taking. Jamaica Inn is a stunning location for people to chill and completely escape from their day to day lives.
I also decided I wanted to marry my wife while staying at Jamaica Inn and spent our honeymoon there so I’m certainly a massive fan. The place is magnetic!!
What is your idea of inner peace?
To me, Inner peace is the ability to be the best version of myself. One can never achieve perfection but we can all try our best to be happy, love hard, be kind and live life to the fullest.
Abbie Daven - Yoga Instructor (headshot).jpg

Abbie Daven – Yoga instructor

How long have you been practicing Yoga?
I’ve been practicing yoga since 2003, starting out as a bit of a Bikram fanatic but eventually finding my place in Vinyasa Flow about five years ago. My own physical practice changes in pace depending on what else I’ve been doing and how my body is feeling; sometimes I tend to have a more intense workout and other times I’ll have a lighter workout. I like to take a few classes in other styles like Forrest or Ashtanga for a different perspective, and I try to take some time to sit still and just breathe every day, even if just for a few minutes!
What type of Yoga do you teach?
I teach a dynamic, flowing Vinyasa style which I vary in intensity depending on the students, the class style and the environment. I love this style of yoga because there is room to adapt to different bodies and abilities, and because it’s a relatively newer expression of the practice it is constantly evolving with new insights on alignment, sequencing and anatomy.
What are the main benefits of Yoga and how has Yoga benefited your quality of life?
I think yoga is always going to be many things to many people, but the good thing is you can just take what you want from it. A lot of people come to yoga because they want a more toned lean body, but then down the line they keeping going because they find they’re feeling more relaxed, or connected, or stronger, or it’s helping their posture, or their performance in other forms of movement.
There doesn’t have to be a particular reason for why people do yoga, yoga should be done for the happiness and enjoyment of it. Personally I practice yoga for both reasons, but in different ways at different times. It helps me keep my body and mind connected, and makes me a better person… I hope! I often feel pretty lucky that no matter what else is going on, I have these tools at hand to help me put my feet back on the ground.
What do you love about Jamaica and Jamaica Inn, and why do you think it is the perfect location for a Yoga Retreat?
The environment in Jamaica is beautiful and vibrant, and to be surrounded by nature is important for health and vitality. With the fresh air, and friendly, loving people it’s an easy place to relax and look after yourself. I think it’s hard not to feel connected to something greater than yourself when you’re dipping your toes in the ocean every single day.
What is your idea of inner peace?
Inner peace is being happy with where you are right now. It’s being clear about your goals and where you want to go in life, but also being able to relax and fully appreciate what you have at this moment. It can be harder than it sounds, but that’s the aim!
We look forward to welcoming Jonny Sayle, Abbie Daven and yogi fans to the Inn in the coming weeks. This year’s event promises to provide the perfect remedy to relax the mind, soul and body!
It’s not too late to book, please check out our website for more information .

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