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A Jamaican proposal

As the sun slowly descended below the horizon, casting a warm glow across the sky with the sweet fragrance of tropical blooms, the perfect combination was added to the romantic evening feeling as our team strolled through the lush gardens in search of the perfect flowers.

At 7:00 pm, a charming young man escorted his beautiful girlfriend to cocktails where they were greeted by the hotel’s management team. Meanwhile, the dining room, bar, and sales team worked diligently to decorate the alfresco patio by the cottage. The soft flicker of flameless tea-light candles illuminated the pathway leading to the pool, where a candlelit table awaited the happy couple. On the table, gleaming in the candlelight, was a breathtaking diamond ring, surrounded by flowers from the garden, champagne and a fruit plater.

Hidden from view was a talented photographer, waiting patiently to capture the perfect moment, as the couple slowly made their way from the West Wing Lawn to the cottage. With everything in place, the team gave the signal, the soon to be fiancée anxious with hopes of everything going as planned. Settled at the table, he suddenly realized, he couldn’t remember where the ring was hidden! In a moment of panic, he simply stated that they would be having a romantic dinner together. After a few frantic seconds of searching, he finally found the ring, got down on one knee, and the photographer emerged, capturing the moment in all its magic.

The aspiring fiancée nerves melted away as she agreed! Following their romantic dinner, the evening was filled with joy and celebration. Conversation lasted until the early hours of the morning, but not as long as their promise of forever. This moment was a truly unforgettable evening for us to witness, a testament to the beauty and romance that can be found at Jamaica Inn.