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Another step towards carbon neutrality

Jamaican Inn on green initative

At Jamaica Inn, your experience transcends mere accommodation; it’s an immersion in a philosophy that cherishes the planet’s well-being, echoing a commitment to the beauty of nature and luxury.

Infused with audacious purpose, Jamaica Inn endeavors to offer you water in its purest form, concurrently spearheading a mission for a greener, healthier world. The resolve to eliminate disposable plastic bottles signifies a noteworthy leap toward this mission of achieving Carbon Neutrality by the year 2025.

From now on, you will no longer find wasteful plastic water bottles anywhere on property. Opting for recyclable glass water bottles means more than mere service; it encapsulates an enduring vision of sustainability that transcends geographical boundaries. Enjoy the harmonious pH of 8.3 and a symphony of 229 dissolved minerals in the Discovery Spring Water straight from the westernmost fringes of Jamaica on Dolphin Head Mountain.

It’s refreshing, local, and sustainable. Cheers!