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Our Jamaica Inn hero

Mrs. Marsh

Introducing one of Jamaica Inn’s most cherished members, Ms. Barbara Marsh, a true hero of the Inn. Ms. Marsh began her journey as a housekeeper at the tender age of 17 in 1967 and has since dedicated 55 years of her life to warmly welcoming countless guests into our beloved establishment. Today, Ms .Marsh proudly holds the position of Housekeeping Manager.

Ms. Marsh has a passion for interior design and an eye for even the smallest details, helping to maintain the distinctive Jamaica Inn aesthetic with its clean, crisp white and blue hues, antique furnishings, and stunning local flower displays.

Over the years, Ms. Marsh has had the honor of welcoming distinguished guests, including King Peter of Yugoslavia, to whom she and her team dressed beautifully in reception, and the head of Caricom at a televised dinner. These are cherished memories that she holds dear.

When we asked our team members about Ms. Marsh, they spoke of her as being motherly, humble, dedicated, soft-spoken, friendly, and a peacemaker. She is an old school worker, always ready with a quote from the bible, and loves doing floral arrangements. She is also a backbone of her family and holds them dear to her heart.

In recognition of her dedication to the hospitality industry, Ms. Marsh was awarded by the Jamaica Tourist Board in 2018. Her motto, “Be honest to others and be honest to yourself. Be a bird, just whistle and don’t say a word,” is a testament to her integrity and quiet strength.

We want to express our deep gratitude to Ms. Marsh for being an integral part of our team, making a difference, and playing a significant role in the story of Jamaica Inn.